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Jasmine Jones

Independent Welsh Escort            In Cardiff


Rendezvous Etiquette:-

On your arrival at our rendezvous its so much better if things run smoothly so here's a few hints and tips!

Treat your appointment with me as you would any other....... Please take the time to confirm that you will still be coming by 10AM on the day of our appointment. I ask this of you as you will be given the directions for a car park etc at this time. If you do not confirm that you are coming I will not be there!

If for any reason you can not make our appointment please take the time to cancel, even if it is just a short text message..............if you don't do this please don't be offended if I do not answer any future calls from you or ask you to pay a deposit, as I'm a busy lady and my time is not yours to waste!

If you are running late please let me know and I will do my utmost to accommodate you. If you haven't had the decency to inform me that you will be late then your appointment will start at the time arranged without you, there will be no refund or reduction in the fee.

Discretion is paramount to me.........I want you as my little secret as much as you want me as your secret......we both have private lives! So please arrive and depart quietly. If you don't quite catch my apartment number then please ask again as the rest of the block wouldn't like to be disturbed by you pressing random numbers at the door!

Although I love to receive gifts please don't make it flowers, they are beautiful, but its not very discrete for you to be standing on my door step with a bunch of shrubbery in your hand! Instead a bottle of wine, perfume (Obsessions Black Opium or Dune are my favorite.) Vouchers for Karen Millen, sexy undies or clothes are always welcome. I will of course wear your gifts during our time together!

When you come into my apartment could we please get the "paper work" over and done within the first five minutes or so, this will avoid any embarrassment on both sides, I wouldn't want to make you feel uncomfortable by asking! If you would rather not hand it to me directly then please place it on the hall table or somewhere in view. If you would rather put it in an envelope that's fine too!

Please don't ask me for reduced rates, plead poverty, for student or OAP discount as they do not exist in my world! If you can not afford my fee then please don't contact me and waste our time unless you wish to join my Nookie Club. I consider myself as very reasonable and my answer may offend! You would not go to work at a reduced rate so why should I. As I have mentioned previously there are plenty of cheaper ladies that will offer you cheaper experiences! I do not accept cheques or cards! And I won't wait for you whilst you go to the bank!

My hygiene levels are very high, I would expect the same from you. I will always be clean, showered and smelling sweet for you. I appreciate that you may of come straight from work, so please feel free to use the amenities. I will always ask you to take a shower before and after our time together. There is an on-suite shower room, with plenty of quality men's toiletries, mouth washes and clean fresh towels. They are all there for your need to ask! Even if you have showered in the morning I'm sure you would of 'pointed Percy at the porclain' on a few ocassions during the day so a quick rinse won't go a miss!

I am a non smoker, so if you smoke please make use the mouth washes provided, its not very pleasent kissing an ash tray! My apartment is also non-smoking, so please don't spark up!

Please don't insult me by asking if we can go "bareback" or have oral without, the answer will always be "NO" even if your a virgin or faithful to your wife/partner, or have a health certificate it is still a firm"NO" I value my health far too much to take a risk with anyone! I will not entertain spending my time with anyone who asks (or I believe to be spending time with ladies who offer this service) and offering me extra money will not change my ethics.

Whilst with me you shall be treated with a high level of respect, this I expect in return, I will not tolerate bad manors or rudeness!

Drugs are not permitted and if I believe you are drunk or high I will ask you to leave. There will be no refund.

Follow these guide lines to ensure that we have a wonderful and memorable experience together, that will stay in our minds for a very long time!

If you enjoy your time with me please tell others via my guest book or by leaving me feed back on a review site. If you use a review site please let me know so I can place a link from my guest book to your comments. If you don't enjoy your time with me then please tell me why so that you can help to enrich my services.